Normally, cruising on a motorbike for pleasure and fun is a solo experience unless somebody else is sitting behind you. Unlike the one driving, the passenger usually is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to enjoyment. Hence, a custom project aims to correct that oversight by outfitting the stock bike with an awesome add-on. The Project Angel Honda Grom from Industrial Moto aims to share all of the good stuff with a passenger for a noble cause.

This is a special build courtesy of the good folks from Industrial Moto in addition to a Gofundme crowdfunding drive. This is to help out a kindhearted soul by the name of Chris (a former US Marine), who wanted to do something extraordinary for a member of his family. As it turns out, his brother Nick is suffering from Angelman syndrome, which affects his range of movement. It appears that the motorcycle blogger wants to share his passion with his sibling.

Chris reveals that he really loves the original Project GUS Honda Grom that was unveiled earlier this year. The donor bike is a 2018 MSX125 Grom that comes with a utility sidecar for people to haul stuff around. Moreover, it features an all-terrain configuration that lets you go almost anywhere you want. On the other hand, the Project Angel Honda Grom version is fitted with a unique sidecar setup. This version will allow Nick to safely join Chris for a ride. So far, this seems to be a one-off project only, but those interested can still contact Industrial Moto regarding the original model.

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Images courtesy of Industrial Moto