Beer Pong is still a popular favorite drinking game among those who prefer the amber brew. Perhaps part of its appeal comes from how easy it is to set up as long as you have a few of the items. Any surface or table can become the play area as long as its level. Just bust out the ping pong balls, cups or glasses, and your beverage of choice. PONGConnect, on the other hand, has other plans.

Behold the interactive Beer Connect Table in all its glory. With this in your home, you can challenge anyone in a modern match of accuracy and ability to stay sober until the game crowns a winner. Normally, unless one of your buddies is the designated driver for the affair, keeping becomes score is a challenge.

PONGConnect understands and slaps on a feature to handle the task. The Beer Pong Table supposedly meets the official regulation size of 94.50 inches long and 30.71 inches wide. The player surface stands 35.40 inches high according to PongConnect.

With that out of the way, what this awesome machine does is add electronic elements to make the experience immersive. Sections light up which makes it easy to play even in the dark, while audio cues and effects boost the fun.

To keep score, RFID sensors track points as disputes become the thing of the past. Two LED Screens displays all essential information such as stats, achievement badges, and rankings. Download the optional PONGConnect companion app on your smartphone to check out where you stand against the global community of players.

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Images courtesy of PONGConnect