Aside from the sheer luxury and quality that comes with every Rolls-Royce vehicle, we all know that there’s another fancy extra. That’s right we’re referring to the equally premium umbrellas that slot into a special receptacle on its doors. Over the years, the British marque has expanded its catalog with items other beyond what its clients expect. While many prefer to keep their expensive rides stock as much as possible, others prefer to have add-ons. Platinum Group offers a bespoke Cullinan Surf Edition.

Just as the name suggests, this build turns the elegant SUV into one that embraces the sand and sea. For sure, it would be odd to see a machine of its caliber turned into a beach-ready transport. Nevertheless, the team behind this project seem to have a grasp of what it exactly needs. The Cullinan Surf Edition still keeps its familiar aesthetics, but now boasts a wide-body package from Mansory.

This gives the SUV just enough hints of overlanding prowess but still keep its high-end appeal. Not only is the tweak just for looks, but the extra space can also hold more gear. Furthermore, the wider stance allows the 24-inch Mansory wheels to match the new design. Since the owner will likely drive it over more than just paved roads, Platinum Group adds a new suspension system.

Perhaps others will disagree, but the icing on the cake is definitely the bespoke surfboard that is included. After calling it the Cullinan Surf Edition, the shop would be crazy for not including an item justifying its namesake. Ultimately, the package and slate gray colorway look absolutely awesome.

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Images courtesy of Platinum Group