Now you have more reasons to visit Thailand, especially in the western part of the country. Specifically, the Srinakarin Dam in Kanchanaburi because there you can book a stay at the luxurious PLA2 Floating House. 

This is no ordinary raft designed by architectural firm dersyn studio. As an expansion of its successful Z9 Resort, the house offers an unforgettable experience for guests who want an immersive stay above water. Guests can enjoy rafting and jet skiing while the place offers karaoke, a jacuzzi, and group dining.

The team envisioned the shape of the PLA2 Floating House based on the anatomies of a male and female snake-head fish swimming together. It comprises two abstracted volumes. The smaller and fresher color echoes the male fish. Meanwhile, the larger and darker volume represents the female fish. 

Even the construction of the house takes inspiration from these water-living creatures. The house has an exterior cloaked in two shades of wood to distinguish the two sexes, while etched steel frames on the facade mimic the gills of the snake-head fish when it opens its mouth.  

For a luxurious experience, the PLA2 Floating House hosts an outdoor pool that stands out in its light blue tone. The addition of the pool enhances the illustration of freshwater life that the house wants to invoke. Meanwhile, darker, brass and sandy colors populate the interior including the entrance hall, the bedroom suite, and the living areas. The PLA2 Floating House is beautiful inside and out and even boasts modern amenities to ensure guests get the most of their stay surrounded by beautiful water scenery and the kaleidoscope of colors on the horizon.   

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Images courtesy of dersyn studio