The architectural wonders that still stand to this day showcase the skills of the artists and craftsmen behind their creations. Greece is a country brimming with such structures drawing tourists from all over the world. Hence, the Greek group The Hive Architects puts a modern spin on things with its work on the minimalist yet magnificent Pavilion House.

This studio’s project stands in the quaint village of Kalogeriko among a landscape of vineyards and olive trees. Moreover, its contemporary aesthetic contrasts with the rustic appeal of its surroundings but does not take away its beauty. Hence, you can say it highlights everything an owner wants from a Mediterranean dwelling.

Instead of a dramatic façade, the team opts for a bold yet understated geometric outline. There’s also the various interplay of textures both outside and indoors, which is visually in harmony with the 11-acre field wherein it rises from. The Pavilion House also opts to keep its volumes at ground level.

Although its exterior appears to be layered courtesy of the walls and large overhangs, the interiors receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day. Full-height windows, skylights, and strategic cutouts allow natural light to filter through and create dynamic patterns within.

Furthermore, the use of earthy tones and materials keeps the Pavilion House in tune with nature. Meanwhile, wooden elements throughout the plan create a cozy atmosphere. Depending on the viewing angle, the mirror image of the building is reflected by the outdoor pool. Overall, it’s a home that can host memorable gatherings with family and friends. Anyone would undoubtedly love to live here.

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Images courtesy of The Hive Architects