Most people consider crowdfunding projects as a hit or miss. Despite the attractive selling points, most end up as nothing but hype. However, there are those that are just too promising to ignore. Among those that usually deliver on their claims are mobility platforms. As such, we stumbled upon the Ossby GEO which seems like cool city transport

It’s clear the manufacturer has the urban commuter in mind with this compact e-bike. Portability and sustainability are great to have on a modern platform. The Ossby GEO is not only lightweight at only 24 lbs., but it also sports a patented smart folding EasyUp mechanism. According to their Kickstarter page, it just takes a second.

It uses a series of hinges on the headtube, dropouts, bottom bracket, and downtube. The engineering behind this innovative system relies on parts placement and the rider’s weight to hold its shape. Dimensions are 4’ x 3’ 1” x 1’ 10” when in use and 2’ 5.5” x 3’ x 7.2” when folded.

Not only is it an emission-free alternative, but the Ossby GEO’s construction is also sustainable. According to the team behind this venture, they fabricate the frame out of “plant resins and high-tech recycled material.” This process creates a sturdy composite which is purportedly stronger and lighter than aluminum.

The chassis likewise holds a 36V 7Ah battery to power a 250W brushless Keyde hub motor. The pedals are paired with a 53-tooth sprocket with five-speed gearing. Your Ossby GEO features five pedal assist modes to make your trip smooth and fun. A full charge is enough for more than 30 miles. LED lights and hydraulic brakes help keep you safe while on the road.

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Images courtesy of Ossby GEO