At the heart of the new headphones created by Canadian startup company ORA, is an astounding use for the relatively new carbon-based material graphene. At 200 times the strength of steel, this allotrope of carbon is also ultra-light.

Using patented GrapheneQ membranes, ORA has developed the vibration cone of their innovative headphones so that, unlike traditional materials, the 95% graphene material makes the speaker membrane very thin yet stiff enough to eliminate unwanted vibrations and recreate almost perfect sound reproduction. The ORA GQ Headphones ($248) provide greater volume for less power thus extending the battery life of the unit.

Around this award-winning material, the headphones have a closed-back design with ergonomically shaped wooden earcups padded in lambskin leather for all-day comfort. The ORA GQ headphones offer both 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity and a removable 3.5mm wired jack and USB-C connection to recharge the 3.7-volt lithium polymer battery. A unique gesture interface lets you power the device, adjust the volume, skip tunes, and answer calls on your phone.