The streak continues as we bring you another exciting limited-edition option for your whiskey collection or as something you can share with friends and loved ones this holiday. What we have here is a Kentucky straight bourbon crafted by folks at Old Forester and is purportedly a rare expression. Hence, the Brown-Forman 150 Decanter appropriately comes with a premium price tag.

As the demand for American Whiskey continues to grow, even the most discerning enthusiasts are willing to splurge for exclusive releases like this one by the renowned distillery. As noted by the press materials, the original production run was pegged at 500 bottles. These were intended for distribution among partners and family members.

It was then decided that 150 examples from the batch would be allocated for occasional tasting sessions and special events. Insiders claim the global pandemic prompted them to reconsider a different marketing strategy. Now that 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the company, we can finally celebrate the milestone with a bottle of the Brown-Forman 150 Decanter.

The contents of each exquisite decanter are sourced from hand-selected six barrels of 12.5-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon. The curated spirit then matured an additional 150 months and was all bottled in “July of 2020.” Given its distinction as a commemorative spirit, there’s no doubt American whiskey aficionados will snap these up in a heartbeat.

Don’t expect to find one offered at its suggested retail price of $2,500 as all 150 bottles are already sold out as of this writing. Your best bet would be to scour the resale market and hope the markup is not too ridiculous. For the rest of us who are just interested in the tasting notes, Old Forester listed everything on the product page.

A whiff of the Brown-Forman 150 Decanter exposes aromas of rich maple, bread pudding, sticky banana, buttery leather, and Amerena cherry. Take a sip to discover hints of hazelnut, decadent chocolate, preserved raspberries, and caramel. Finally, essences of caramelized sugar, dried herbs, char, cème brûlée, and tobacco leaf linger in your mouth.

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Courtesy of Old Forester

Images courtesy of Old Forester