Distilleries normally have full control over every aspect of their production, which gives their spirits distinctive characteristics. As long as they operate within the guidelines set by regulators, everything should be fine. If this is not enough of a guarantee for you, Old Forester recently dropped the 117 Series: Bottled in Bond – a special expression for American whiskey drinkers.

For the most part, the regular bourbon lineup from the Kentucky distillery is affordable enough for everyone to enjoy. Still, Old Forester also likes to experiment with more exquisite offerings that will delight even the most discerning of senses. Despite its designation as a limited-edition release, a bottle or two won’t drain the wallet.

If you’ve sampled their Birthday Bourbon, then you have an idea of what to expect. The 117 Series: Bottled in Bond gets its name from an act enforced by the United States government in 1897. This requires the whiskey to be bottled at 100 proof after a maturation period of no less than four years.

Furthermore, the spirits need to be produced within one distillation season and should be aged in casks stored in warehouses that are federally bonded. Old Forester already knows a thing or two about the process since it previously launched a couple of similar yet vastly different expressions in the past.

“We’re always putting together batches from a single season at 100 proof that fall in the wood and spices flavor profile,” stated master taster Melissa Rift. “We don’t put any details on the bottle, but it does come from one distillation season as is required to be bottled-in-bond.”

The 117 Series: Bottled in Bond exudes aromas of sweet dates, whipped cream, nuts, stewed blackberries, and caramelized apricot. It then reveals tastes of spearmint and caramelized fruits. Finally, essences of herbal tea and heavy cream linger in your mouth.

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Images courtesy of Old Forester