Netflix is giving its subscribers the choice to manually and easily remove shows and movies from their “Continue Watching” row. This means you can finally get rid of those few minutes of end credits that you chose not to watch. Or remove those that you decided against watching at the last minute.

This new feature helps to clean up your screen and streamline your viewing options. After all, it can be a nuisance to constantly be reminded to “Continue Watching” those movies or series that you don’t plan on finishing. The new Netflix update is available on its mobile, computer, or TV versions.

Removing the titles is as simple as choosing them from the row. When you have Netflix opened on a smart TV, click on the details page of a show or movie, scroll down to the available options until you see the “Remove from Continue Watching” option found next to an X icon.

Meanwhile, the option “Remove from Row” is for when you have the streaming app opened from your computer or mobile device. Either way, the process automatically gets rid of those shows, documentaries, or movies that you don’t want to watch ever again.

Netflix has definitely come a long way in making the removal process hassle-free. Previously, you have to add more titles to the “Continue Watching” row in order to push the old ones out.  The update makes it easy for you to prioritize those that you actually want to watch. 

On the off-chance that you accidentally removed those that you intended to finish, Netflix also lets you bring them back on the “Continue Watching” row. Simply click the “Undo Remove” option to bring them back up on the list and on your screen.