Hasbro’s Nerf enthusiasts and fans of YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka “MrBeast” are in for a treat as both have teamed up to design a blaster geared to bring the family together for some fun challenges. The Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster feature hydrated rounds that burst on impact, come with massive capacity, and deliver high-performance blasting.

This design comes in blue and hot pink hues of MrBeast’s wild cat logo. In the box, it comes with 20,000 rounds of dehydrated super soft polymer projectiles in 4x 5000-round packets. You need to soak them in water for use. The hydrated rounds fire at a high velocity and burst when they hit a target.

The Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster lets you keep the fun going with its inclusion of both full and semi-automatic modes. Under fully automatic mode, it fires up to ten rounds per second. This version also comes with a 300-capacity hopper (as opposed to the Nerf Gelfire Mythic Blaster which has 800 rounds). On the upside, it has 20,000 rounds than Mythic’s 10,000 and also comes at a more affordable price tag of $69.99. 

Likewise, this MrBeast version comes with a removable barrel and an extendable stock and runs on a rechargeable 7.4 500mAh LiPo battery that slides in and out easily. There is also a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, protective eyewear, and instructions. It’s also best to mention that the Gelfire rounds are nontoxic to both humans and animals. The Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster is available for pre-order with an expected release in April. 

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Images courtesy of Hasbro Pulse