We have restomod outfits like MZR Roadsports to thank for their outstanding work on classic rides. Given there are certain vintage vehicles that are so difficult to find in running condition, these often need a major overhaul. It’s fortunate that you can rely on the shop to do all the dirty work here as they unveil the MZR50 Edition of a beloved icon.

Old-school Japanese sports cars have their fair share of fans. In fact, enthusiasts are eager to work on restoration projects to breathe life back into these machines. If you’re not ready to face the task for any reason whatsoever, let the pros hook you up instead. Just be ready to plunk down some serious cash though.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Datsun 240Z, MZR Roadsports is up to something awesome and highly exclusive. As much as we would like to have everything as close to the original, a lot of factors make that impossible. Therefore, like their Sport-Design outing with this model, we can expect some modern tweaks that enhance performance and comply with regulations.

It’s remarkable how they are able to retain the silhouette despite the upgrades. This takes remarkable skill to have everything fit together in the same sleek package. Among those listed include improved aerodynamics, updated brake systems, larger wheels, bespoke MZR-50 gauges, and more.

Buyers can choose from several engine options that can output anywhere between 240-280 horsepower. This is then mated to a 6-speed sports transmission. The new LSD motorsport rear differential and heavy-duty CV axle should make each ride an experience of a lifetime. Finally, the MZR50 Edition also boasts a revamped interior with premium leather upholstery and more.

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Images courtesy of MZR Roadsports