Muli’s Cargo eBike is a cleverly designed electric bike that focuses on storage but also mobility. With a massive carriage on the front, urban cyclists get a compact, multi-functional solution to traveling around the city with their gear in tow. Or their little toddler, even, safety permitting.

At 6.4 feet in length, the bike is a tiny but robust ride, with the front centerpiece offering a whopping 90 liters of cargo. You can use it for carrying deliveries, groceries, or anything you want to schlep on your travels with.

There’s an integrated Pendix middle motor that promises to offer powerful acceleration when needed. It can easily handle riders up to 375 pounds in weight. That doesn’t include that cargo, by the way. You can 154 pounds more and it’ll still go.

Unfortunately, this thing isn’t cheap. At $4,700, it’s one of the most expensive eBike options we’ve come across. But if you the type of cyclists who has a lot to carry daily, this might be the perfect option. And did we mention that cargo space folds when you don’t need it?

Whether that kind of ingenious design merits a nearly $5,000 price point is for you to decide. Bear in mind that you can always just hit the car on the way. But if you don’t want to waste gas, this is definitely the more eco-friendly option. If this model isn’t your particular cup of tea, hit the link below to check out other bikes from Muli.