Are you one of the many who has an interest in timekeeping instruments? Even if the number of models in a collection is just modest, what really matters is that the owner switches between the lineup regularly. What most folks often overlook is the power reserve of their automatic watches. Thus, for a seamless experience, why not grab a watch winder like the ones offered by MOZSLY?

Unlike quartz movements, which continue to operate until the battery dies, self-winding calibers require constant motion to keep the mainspring primed. With the help of the oscillating weight or rotor — as some call it — this component spins as the user moves their arms. However, if left idle for a few days, these eventually come to a stop when the power reserve runs out.

Although there are ways to avoid this inconvenience, a watch winder remains the ideal option for those who are always on the go. These handy devices ensure that your automatic timepieces are always ready for action when you need them. Aside from watch winders, MOZSLY boasts a wide selection of products such as watch boxes, watch rolls, and watch stands.

Do I Need A Watch Winder?

We would like to point out that if the watches in your collection rely on quartz or manual movements, a watch winder shouldn’t be in your cart in the first place. Nevertheless, MOZSLY’s store page has other stuff geared for all types of wrist candy. In the meantime, individuals who prefer complications governed by self-winding calibers will find watch winders necessary.

Currently, there is an ongoing debate among enthusiasts regarding the risks involved with the use of watch winders. What critics claim is that these shorten the service interval of the watch’s movement, which could lead to early wear and tear. Proponents, on the other hand, remind us that there are clever failsafe mechanisms in place to prevent this.

Furthermore, modern technology used by MOZSLY, for example, allows users to tweak the settings of their watch winders. Hence, you are assured of quality craftsmanship, elegant design, and outstanding performance. In our opinion, there’s nothing to worry about with proper usage. As long as the device is not altered in any way, it will function accordingly as well.

Why Choose MOZSLY?

There are a bunch of watch winder brands out there and not all are built the same. Some are ridiculously priced, but are somewhat basic when it comes to features. Others may be cheaper yet end up underwhelming in many aspects. What MOZSLY delivers are classy looks, premium materials, and versatility buyers won’t find elsewhere.

Exploring MOZSLY’s Watch Winders

As a consumer, the more options there are the better. Still, go overboard and it can be overwhelming. Therefore, MOZSLY keeps their catalog simple but makes up for it with variety and modularity. The latter is perhaps the best reason to pick up their watch winders and is something rival brands cannot match.

There are two models to choose from: Single and Double. As the name says, each can hold a specified number of timepieces respectively. Since watch collections tend to grow over time, one might consider a watch winder with multiple slots just to be on the safe side. How MOZSLY approaches this matter is surprisingly convenient.

Instead of spending unnecessarily on extra space that might not get filled out anyway, the manufacturer is promoting a modular setup. This means we can just hook up multiple Single or Double watch winders to our existing unit via a daisy-chain system. It keeps cords organized with only one power supply for everything.

The Single only has one version, while the Double Watch is available in a horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. What sets the variants apart is the metal skids with rubber feet for the former, while the latter sports rubber feet on the section designated as the bottom. These protect any surface from scuffs and also provide a reliable grip, so the watch winders stay firmly in place.

Aesthetics Of The Watch Winder

MOZSLY offers the Single watch winder in Black Leather, Orange Leather, Brown Leather, Green Leather, Blue Leather, Purple Leather, Red Leather, Light Blue Leather, White Leather, Carbon Fiber Leather, Carbon Fiber Paint, Space Metal Silver, Space Metal Black, and Classic Wood Grain Paint. As for the Double watch winder, you can get it in Black Leather, Orange Leather, Gray Polyester, Black Carbon Brazed Piano Paint, and Red Wood Box Piano Paint. As you can see, the choices are staggering.

The package includes the watch winder (Single or Double), documentation, cleaning cloth, an AC adapter, a USB-A to barrel plug connector cable, and a serial barrel plug connector to barrel plug connector. The latter is to interface two units together to run on only one power supply. Dimensions for the Single are 4.4” x 4.4” x 6” (H x W x D) and 4.7” x 8.8” x 5.9” (H x W x D) for the Double.

Depending on the colorway, the front panel is either black or brushed silver and features the MOZSLY branding and badge at the top right corner.  An aluminum lid with a glass window becomes the viewing aperture to showcase your watch in motion. All four sides of the box’s frame are finished in the respective material and hue of your choosing. As we switch to the rear, we can find four Torx screws that hold the backplate in place. These are intentionally exposed to make it easy to pop open the panel and service the unit.

Features And More

Toward the middle is a compartment where two C batteries go into just in case an AC outlet is unavailable. Take note the Double watch winder requires four C batteries instead. Near the bottom are two barrel plug ports and two slide switches (four on the Double) to toggle its functions. Keep in mind that not all automatic movements are the same. Hence, MOZSLY ensures it accounts for various requirements.

As such, the switch on the left controls the direction of rotation from clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional. Meanwhile, the right modifies the turns per day (TPD), which can be adjusted to 650, 900, 1,200, or 1,500. As indicated by the product page, the cycles are split by running and resting periods every hour. This mimics the natural motion of the wearer and likewise saves power.

Please refer to the user manual of your watches or do a quick search online for the ideal settings of the automatic movements they ship with. MOZSLY equips its watch winders with Japanese Mabuchi motors. These are purported to be virtually silent and remarkably durable. Also, the company points out that they are more powerful and can handle heavier watches like those from Rolex and other watchmakers. Expect it to last longer than low-cost alternatives, which speaks volumes about its quality.

It comes with two memory foam pillows of varying shapes. These are fitted in between the case back and strap to hold the timepieces snugly in place during operation. Due to varying watch sizes, the slots are recessed deeper to prevent contact with the transparent lid.  The watch winder touts an anti-magnetic protection system and is backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty. These give us peace of mind just in case something goes wrong.

Our Takeaway

Based on the overview we shared about MOZSLY watch winders, it’s safe to say that this offers exceptional value over its competitors. Where else can you shop for a versatile device to keep your automatic timepieces primed for action? With the serial connector, cable management is a breeze. With a single AC adapter plugged in, it can run all of the units that are interconnected. Tal

Moreover, we can build our bespoke display configuration that can accommodate new additions in the future. Plus, the bold and stylish designs make it easy to turn your favorite watches into spectacular showpieces in any room or spot. MOZSLY’s watch winders can make memorable gifts for horological enthusiasts and even the most serious collectors. 

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MOZSLY was founded by Sheldon, an avid watch collector who was frustrated with the market being full of expensive watch winders. From this Sheldon set out to create a line of watch winders that would not only keep the watch wound and ready to wear, but also add a touch of luxury to the whole experience of wearing a watch.


MOZSLY watches winders pay special attention to detail to ensure that each product is a work of art in itself. Our team of 20 skilled craftsmen makes each winder with the utmost care and precision. We are obsessed with quality and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every product we make.


At MOZSLY, we believe that time is a precious commodity and that our customers deserve the best. Our mission is to enhance the experience of wearing a watch for collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. With MOZSLY, you can be confident that your timepiece will always be ready to wear and remain in pristine condition for years to come.