From the fertile mind of Fabian Mazzola of Bitlens Studio in collaboration with advertising giant Anomaly comes an award-winning futuristic self-sustaining camping pod that takes its shape and inspiration from the iconic look of the Mini Cooper F60 Countyman automobile.

The pod, like the car, is compact and well rounded. Inside there is a large living area behind a huge wraparound window for full enjoyment of the vistas outside. This surprisingly spacious area quickly converts to a bedroom at night. It contains a fully functional kitchen and bathroom inside its pill-shaped form. Skylights over the living area and kitchen assure that illumination is never a problem.

The pod is built of durable weather-resistant materials so it can survive unscathed in a wide range of extreme climates while keeping its occupants safe and dry. The idea was to create all the amenities of home for the camping experience. The only drawback is that the concept does not demonstrate how to get the pod into or out of its destinations, but we’re sure a trailer would do the job just fine. [via]