Men’s Gear tries to consistently stay ahead of the times and give its viewers the best possible experience they can get. This led us to come up with a new Netflix tool called “Netflix Gear“, where we bring you latest new additions on Netflix [US Only] including the New Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Netflix Originals and New-Standup.

Not only do we post daily updates of every addition as soon as they are added to Netflix but we also give you the option of selecting what content you want to see by toggling on and off categories such as Netflix Originals, Documentaries, Foreign Films, Movies, Standup Specials and TV Series.

Netflix Gear will have all categories ticked as standard buy you can untick any of the categories you’re not interested in to see only the content you’re interested in.

Netflix Gear Console

How does it work?

Netflix Gear allows viewers of the site to look through multiple titles of shows, stand-up specials, international movies, and documentaries. If it’s on Netflix in America you can rest assured we’ll have it here. The best part is that this is a daily updated tool by our editors manually entering each and every information available about the new addition.

This will involve the addition of new material daily and the removal of the content that Netflix itself no longer wishes to feature on their service. Due to our continuously updated model, you’ll never have to wonder what may or may not be present. It offers peace of mind as we do all the legwork and research for you.

All you have to do is check out Netflix Gear when you want to know what’s new on Netflix.

What information is available about new additions?

This tool allows you to search through various titles of shows, stand-up specials, international movies, and documentaries that are available on the streaming site. It makes it easy to see how many titles were added on Netflix for a specific month and year.

The titles are grouped according to specific details. You have the category or genre, e.g. action, comedy, drama, horror. You also have the type of addition, whether it’s a film, a documentary, TV series, or stand-up special, and lastly, the date of availability, which tells you when it was added on Netflix U.S.

Moreover, each title has supporting details including synopsis, cast, director or creator, runtime, language, year of release, and an IMDB rating. A link to the trailer is also provided if you want to see a preview and a direct access to its Netflix page saves you time in manually searching for the title yourself.

Check it out for yourself.