Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to live sustainably to protect the planet for generations to come. Using electric-powered vehicles is especially gaining momentum in this modern age. Not only are they energy efficient. They also don’t contribute to air pollution. The problem though is the lack of charging stations to power them when on the road. Design One proposes a solution using MECS (Moving Electric Charging Station). 

As its name implies, this is a charging station on wheels that gets to your destination at a press of a button. It is an autonomous electric vehicle shaped like a big RC car that rushes to your aid especially when you run out of battery in the middle of the road. It works with a companion app that provides your direction. 

The MECS has a top speed of 120kmph and equipped with cameras and sensors for a smooth and safe drive on public roads. The sensors help with navigation by detecting road conditions and the surroundings so it drives like any normal car. Once it arrives at its destination, paying users can lift its back cover where the chargers are located. There are two charging types inside or spare battery.

Once your electric vehicle is fully charged, this AI-enabled charging pod return to the nearest hub to recharge its own battery and remains on standby until called to action once again. It is available 24/7 because it doesn’t need a driver. The MECS does not just serve as a charging hub on wheels. It also doubles as an observer in case of emergencies. This is a great concept though poses challenges when it comes to remote locations.

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Images courtesy of Design One