Generally speaking, those who own supercars are usually content with the stock specifications. Given the price of these exotic machines, buyers already know that they are getting top-notch quality and performance. On the other hand, for some of you who want more than what’s available by default, aftermarket tweaks are the way to go. When you seek the best, German precision engineering will cater to your needs, as demonstrated by the McLaren 600LT by Novitec.

The Bavarian tuner offers an exclusive menu of upgrades that will please even the most discerning clientele. This is a fairly new addition to its services that is available for owners of the 600LT spider or coupe variants. There are a total of three tuning options to choose from. The first two configurations focus entirely on the vehicle’s ECU. However, the main course, which they are calling Performance Stage 2, is where the magic truly happens.

On top of reworking the electronics, Novitec will then supply a new premium exhaust system setup, after a fresh engine remap. It tacks on an additional 88 horses on top of its default output for a total of 688 horsepower. This kicks it up a notch to complete a zero to 62 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds alongside a speed boost of up to 207 miles per hour.

Furthermore, the sports-grade suspensions keep everything nice and low, while the custom Vossen wheels add some style. Other cosmetic changes include a carbon fiber air intake and new trunk lid design. Ultimately, the McLaren 600LT performance kit by Novitec is one impressive tune-up.

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Images courtesy of Novitec