When you think of a pair of leggings, you may quickly associate them with the female wardrobe. Those form-fitting spandex pants that women wear when they work out, do yoga or engage in other physical activities because they do not limit their movements.  Outside of the gym, women also consider them casual wear because they are that comfortable. But rarely can you find men wearing a pair of leggings be it in the gym or while on the street. It’s not because they don’t want to wear one. But it’s because there has been a lack of leggings specifically designed for the male physique. Until now! It’s for this reason that the Matador Meggings was born— functional, fun, comfortable, and fashionable men’s leggings.

Matador is an innovative men’s athleisure brand primarily known for its men’s leggings specifically designed for the male anatomy featuring a no-VPL (visible penis line) modesty pad concealing the groin department, multiple pockets, a t-shirt/towel loop at the back, an inner drawstring, and high-performance sweat-wicking silky fabric. The brand offers dozens of bold colors and wild prints!

Introducing Matador


Matador Meggings Image 2

Inspired by the tights worn by bullfighters in Spain, the Meggings are available in 100+ unique and eclectic patterns and bold colors in addition to the tame options.

The Meggings have stripes around the legs that represent the horns of a bull. When worn, we felt dignified, sophisticated, and elegant (yes, really), just how those macho Matadors must have felt as they faced the raging bulls head-on.

Thanks to the Matador Meggings, you no longer have to settle for workout tights with lame designs or cheesy prints. And the best part (IMO), the Meggings come with insanely useful features, that let you focus on the task at hand and not on your goodies being on show. You can wear them casually, for running errands, do an intense workout, all while feeling super duper comfortable! Is it too hot to wear leggings during the summer months? Well, Matador got your ass covered, literally. Their Compression Shorts collection is ideal for warmer weather.

Valentine Aseyo, the founder of men’s athleisure brand Matador, invented his hero product, the Meggings, after he noticed a serious gap in the market when it came to leggings that guys could wear. He was completing his yoga teacher training, surrounded by female yogis, and he felt like he was the only person that couldn’t wear a pair of leggings. He started looking for a pair that were designed specifically for men, but couldn’t find what he was looking for. This was the inspiration for him to design a much better pair than was available anywhere, a pair specifically suited for the male anatomy and the lifestyle of today’s modern man. 

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The Swiss Army Knife of Men’s Leggings

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So, what makes a pair of Matador Meggings different from other men’s leggings available on the market? For starters, they prevent unwanted VPL (that’s visible penis line) thanks to a soft, flexible, and removable crotch cup – that protects your modesty, whilst letting you move with total freedom. I’d pick this over a pair of jogging pants or shorts anytime.

Unlike most other leggings we’ve tried, the Matadors come with fully functional pockets for your on-the-go essentials – game-changer! There’s a concealed zipper pocket for your keys, card or wallet and another open pocket for your phone, which is strategically placed on the outer thigh to keep it within reach but without getting in the way of your exercise. The towel or t-shirt loop on the back is also an insanely useful feature. Thank you, Matador! 

Then, there’s the non-slip waistband that prevents any unwanted slip of your buttcrack. As hilarious as it may sound, it can happen easily with any rigorous workout. Just like those worn by Matadors, you want your tights, well, tight, so they don’t slide down and so that you can move with speed and agility.

The Matador Meggings hug the hips comfortably, thanks to a waistband made from a soft and flexible fabric. This allows you to do your squats, deadlifts, and lunges without having to worry about your buttcrack showing or worse – your skin chafing or pinching, yikes! We also love the addition of the inner drawstring for a secured and comfortable fit.  

Perhaps, best of all, is the fabric. They are made from sweat-wicking performance material that allows moisture to pass through, so you stay cool, dry, and cozy. The stretchy fabric is made from a mix of polyester and lycra. It hugs your body in all the right places so you can flaunt those curves, without feeling constricted. These tights feel just like a second skin.

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Matadors From Gym To Sunday Brunch

The Matador Meggings aren’t just performance wear. They are very versatile; you really can use them for just about anything and anywhere. If you’re a fitness junkie, then they will really serve you well for your running, yoga, and general workouts. But with the attractive colors and bold patterns on offer, you can definitely show them off at festivals, on the beach, running errands, or even at a relaxed Sunday brunch. 

Who says only women can wear leggings? If you look through the pages of any comic book and check out all these male superhero characters, you will see they all have one thing in common: they all wear tights when they’re in action! 

If you feel comfortable in your own skin and in your own fashion choices, then be loud and proud about it. Just like the Matador Meggings, they give you a boost of self-confidence knowing you can strut your stuff in spandex and not feel ashamed about it. We know women don’t mind seeing men in tights too (wink).

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Men’s Gear Top Picks

Arrow Meggings, $88

This print is not for the faint of heart. It’s definitely a statement piece and a great conversation starter. You can style them with a solid navy top or pick a tank top or a t-shirt with a matching print from Matador’s top collection. We can totally see ourselves choosing these for our next festival.


Marble Shorts

This is as elegant as high-performance apparel gets. In addition to workouts, these shorts are great as athleisure wear, beach wear, or loungewear. The open pocket is ideal for the phone, the loop at the back allows you to forget about your t-shirt and train comfortably, avoiding carrying any type of bag. Oh, and this color will make your tan stand out!


Black Biker Shorts

These cycling shorts are a game-changer. Their built-in padding keeps your butt comfy on the bike seat, the zipper pocket is the perfect addition to avoid risking your valuables in the locker, and the inner drawstring keeps your tights snug throughout the whole session. Plus, they’re black and they go with literally anything. My spinning classes have never been more comfortable.


Gray  Camo Tank Top

You can’t go wrong with a camo top, especially with this one. This is the most smooth and lightweight athletic top I’ve ever worn. The fabric has odor-free properties, and it’s totally wrinkle-free. It literally feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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