What we love about Marshall is the way its products invoke a special kind of nostalgia. It has something to do with the familiar design they tend to stick with, which makes the catalog appealing to those who love their music. With the competition going wireless, the company is also adapting to the cord-free future. Its latest is the Marshall Major IV and it manages to maintain the iconic look but sports some new upgrades.

If this is your first time hearing about the brand, don’t fret. What Marshall brings to the table is 55 years worth of acoustic experience under its belt. Thus, users can look forward to drivers with the bespoke tuning of the label’s signature sound. Even if you are new to its distinct auditory flavor, the Marshall Major IV will likely leave a great impression.

Longtime users will love the iconic design and quality that promises reliable performance. With some minor tweaks, the Major IV can now fold away for easy storage. Moreover, while other manufacturers have shifted to capacitive touch controls, Marshall wants to stick to something more tactile instead. You’ll love the multi-directional control knob that handles all of the functions.

Moving on to the new stuff, the Major IV is designed with comfort in mind for long sessions of audio playback. Equally notable is the above-average 80 hours of battery life with support for quick charging technology. No need to break out your charging cables either as it can now charge wirelessly. Bluetooth connectivity is available, but a 3.5 mm port is still there for when you need it.

Buy it now – $149.99

Images courtesy of Marshall