It is awesome to see more design studios adopt eco-friendly practices for modern homes. Unlike retrofitting older houses, planning everything out ahead is more efficient. Walker Warner Architects illustrates this approach with their work on the Makena Residence in Hawaii. Even more remarkable is how they are integrating sustainable systems in a discrete fashion.

This home is one of those projects that make use of the area’s topography to great effect. A street-level view of the Makena Residence shows a board-formed concrete wall that surrounds a courtyard. Moreover, from this angle, what you see is a modest single-story structure that faces the beach on the other side.

As you make your way across a covered walkway, you’ll notice that the perforations on the roof cast intricate shadows. A lush lawn provides a serene place to relax and maybe even work on your tan. The studio then reveals a light construction out of steel and glass. This provides the rooms with panoramic views of the sea.

The glazing allows natural light to fill the interior. Next, 10-foot roof overhangs and sliding screens are likewise available to shield against direct sunlight. A terrace overlooks the deck and pool of the Makena Residence. Inside the upper floor are wooden louvers to help diffuse the light that floods in. Bleached cypress and teak adorn the volumes to make them feel warm and cozy.

Ventilation is never an issue thanks to the winds that constantly flow through. Photovoltaic panels on the roof provide clean energy, while a stormwater management setup channels water to a collection tank. Finally, the wood for the decking and floors of the Makena Residence are reclaimed to minimize environmental impact.

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Images courtesy of Walker Warner Architects