It’s always awesome to hear news about how companies find new ways to shift their operations to something more sustainable. Big-name brands such as Adidas, Porsche, Reebok, and others are already making promising efforts in reducing emissions and recycling. As such, we were happy to learn about Doop and its intriguing approach to oral hygiene. Yes, this might be the only toothbrush you’ll need.

For the longest time, businesses have been creating products with short shelf-life and poor durability. Some even go for planned obsolescence (we’re looking at you Apple). These are money-making schemes are contributing to pollution. Obviously, this is hurting the planet, which is why some brands are now changing their ways.

Thus, Doop says that what they have is “the last toothbrush you’ll ever buy.” Seems like a lofty claim, but this crowdfunded project might actually live up to what it promises. You see, dental experts all agree that bristles eventually wear out, which is why we should buy a replacement every three months or so.

Instead of throwing away the whole thing, Doop offers a clever workaround wherein you just swap out the head. Therefore, this substantially reduces unnecessary waste as you can even recycle them. The Toothbrush and head itself are made out of recycled polypropylene. Meanwhile, DuPont Tynex 612 nylon filament bristles are FDA-approved and recyclable.

We like that the packaging becomes a carrying case with its resealable zipper closure. You can even throw the handle, head, and packaging into the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Doop is selling the toothbrush as a standalone kit or as a family pack for bigger households.

Buy – $10.98

Images courtesy of Doop