It might be time for you to consider another form of personal transport. We know that there are a bunch of options available right now in the market, which is a good thing. Still, the LyteHorse might be one of the most unique mobility solutions in 2021 just yet. Now what makes it so interesting is how the machine introduces versatility.

It looks like a hardcore cross between a stand-up scooter and an ATV. It also presents a convenient solution for folks who want to take their ride everywhere. Before we dive into the cools details about the LyteHorse, our eco-conscious friends will be happy to know that it’s all-electric.

Electrification is a trend that we want to see more of and the Canadian “electric performance vehicle company” appears to be all-in with the initiative as well. What LyteHorse Labs hopes to cater to are various sectors that would benefit from a powerful and adaptable platform.

There are two trims to choose from: Little Joe and Scout. The former is geared toward the casual user, while the latter is equipped to tackle more demanding applications. The LyteHorse tips the scales at 600 lbs but goes up with each optional add on.

The all-electric powertrain supports 2WD and 4WD driving modes and maxes out at 40 mph. It measures 6-foot long and about 45 inches wide with a low center of gravity for stability. The LyteHorse can ford through water up to 2-feet deep.

The electric motor is virtually silent, while a full battery can last up to 80-miles. Just like an average ATV it can tow cargo up to 2,500 lbs. The LyteHorse is currently open for reservations, so go ahead and customize yours now.

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Images courtesy of LyteHorse Labs