By now, you would think shipbuilders might have exhausted every means to make luxury yachts unique in their own way. Some of the cool features we’ve seen so far include hydrofoils, sustainable propulsion systems, submersible capabilities, and transformations depending on the situation. As for the gigayacht christened the Norn, Lürssen manages to integrate military-inspired aesthetics and a hybrid amenity.

As stated by the German group behind this 295-foot pleasure vessel, the unnamed owners called on Espen Oeino to come up with its bold profile. The Norwegian outfit is renowned for some of the most outstanding blueprints out there. Moreover, this is the second hull commissioned by clients from the same team. Their previous watercraft was a 230-footer also by Oeino and Lürssen.

According to the company, “the crispness of the exterior styling suggests a geometrical precision that permeates every facet of the yacht.” Instead of the usual curvaceous exterior, the Norn touts a military-inspired silhouette brought about by the geometric surfaces. She is coated in gray with a matte finish that evokes a tactical vibe.

During its development, the Norn was designated as Project 1601. To ensure its volumes leave a lasting impact on guests, they call on Hamburg-based Dölker + Voges to match the overall motif of the ship. Zero-speed stabilizers keep things as steady as possible even when anchored. Additionally, the dynamic positioning system makes it possible to float over fragile areas that would be damaged by conventional anchors.

Another fascinating aspect of the gigayacht is the dance floor with special lighting. To optimize space aboard the Norn, Lürssen turns to a mechanized floor that transforms the pool into a surface you can cut a rug on. Other details were unavailable as of this writing, but we know the vessel was already delivered.

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Images courtesy of Lürssen