Love Hulten has created quite a reputation making very limited, vintage-inspired, portable gaming consoles that sell like hotcakes. Showcasing the same high level of craftsmanship this one-man shop has gotten us used to, the just-released Cary42 Console will make any retro-gamer drool over it.

The high-quality solid American walnut wooden briefcase is a complete two-player arcade-style gaming console featuring 2 joysticks, a 6-button control for each player, and a 12″ LCD screen housed inside the lid. The Cary42 also packs 10w stereo speakers, a 16GB Nano flash (pre-installed with 100 classic co-op games like Metal Slug, Gauntlet and Contra), and the ability to store over 10.000 emulated games via the USB connection.

The console can also be customized with cool inlays to please your taste and imagination. Limited to just 50 units.

Buy From Love Hultén $3,000