After years of social distancing and isolation, people are eager to travel. With international flights already in full swing, the destinations available are overwhelming. If you’re planning a vacation to somewhere tropical, we have a few in mind for you to consider. High on our list is the Lost Lindenberg in Indonesia.

This unique establishment is in Bali, but in a location far from the places where tourists tend to frequent. Hence, you can expect tranquility as long as you don’t mind some company. Not to worry because the Lost Lindenberg guest collective limits the number of people it can accommodate.

The resort is in Pekutatan, West Bali which offers a spectacular landscape of mountains, black lava sand beaches, temples, and a lush palm tree jungle. To match its natural backdrop, German architect Alexis Dornier pens a blueprint of several treehouses. It’s a perfect spot for folks who crave a change in scenery.

The construction uses tropical hardwood from local sources. Meanwhile, the interior showcases the creative use of lava stones and river stones courtesy of Studio Jencquel – an Indonesian design group. The Lost Lindenberg is the fifth venture of the Frankfurt, Germany-based company and its first in Indonesia.

Despite standing in the middle of a jungle, neon signs draw you in. The glow of the lights creates a mystical atmosphere that seems like you’ve stepped into another reality. Towering treehouses at the Lost Lindenberg feature elevated walkways to connect the volumes.

Guests can choose to relax at the spa, swim at the pool, or dine at the restaurant which offers a plant-based menu. Finally, another awesome attraction at the Lost Lindenberg is the private surfing spot. Even if you don’t have a surfboard just rent one and catch some waves.

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Images courtesy of Lost Lindenberg