While the idea of modular, temporary shelter houses is not new, this design created by Slovenian architecture firm OFIS Architects is one of the more practical projects currently available. Combining two of their signature plans, the Compact Winter Cabin and the 3Shoebox House, they have developed this self-sufficient wooden shell structure to be easily converted to fit whatever terrain or season it is needed for.

Each basic unit is 15’x8’x9′ tall, can be combined in various ways either vertically or horizontally, and features a timber frame and reinforced plywood boards on the sides. Rather than requiring foundations, the Living Unit can be stabilized with either steel anchors or removable concrete cubes. The minimalist interiors lend themselves to extensive customization which makes it very attractive to businesses.

Shown here is OFIS Architects three unit tall Living Unit on the grounds of Ljubljana Castle, in Slovenia. Instead of a kitchen and dining area at ground level with a second-floor bedroom and third-floor lounge, this micro-dwelling houses a select library for the Castle guests to explore.