One of the biggest concerns consumers generally have regarding electric mobility platforms is range anxiety. To date, the infrastructures capable of quickly recharging these machines are still few and far between, which is discouraging people from making the switch. Thus, Lightning Motorcycles proposes an innovative workaround for its upcoming Strike and LS-218.

According to the manufacturer, its new models are packing Enevate’s fast-charging battery units. Although it sounds exciting on paper, a caveat remains. Like other emission-free rides that claim to support advanced technology to cut charging times by more than half, there’s a crucial part they leave out.

The Strike and LS-218 benefit from cutting-edge high-density silicon anode battery packs. These can supposedly go from low to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. However, to achieve the numbers indicated, owners need access to a Level 3 CCS charger. Unless you can afford to install one at home, commercial facilities are the only way to make it happen.

Both models are shipping with a 24 kWh capacity power pack enough for approximately 150 to 170 miles on a full charge. Lightning Motorcycles is currently testing the Strike and LS-218 on California’s Interstate 5. So far, results from these trials are promising with the duo reaching the target mileage while speed was at a constant 70 mph.

Much like EVs, green powertrains for two-wheelers are consistently improving. It won’t be long before superbike silhouettes like the Strike and LS-218 can match the performance of their petrol-powered counterparts. Aesthetics-wise, both models definitely exude an adrenaline-pumping vibe about them. The team plans to push their electric bikes to the limit via land speed record attempts in the coming months.

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Images courtesy of Lightning Motorcycles