Nintendo’s most recent foray into animated film was a staggering success as The Super Mario Bros. Movie grossed around $1.36 billion globally. The Japanese company’s partnership with LEGO has also catered to fans via a collection of buildable sets. Following The Mighty Bowser kit, we’re getting another baddie in the form of the Piranha Plant.

With each new entry in the series, players are pitted against challenging stages with a variety of enemies. Nintendo keeps each software installment fresh via new gameplay mechanics, power-ups, and secrets. However, they also make it a point to retain familiar elements so as not to alienate gamers who have enjoyed their flagship franchise.

The Piranha Plant may not be as threatening as the other creatures under Bowser’s command, but it can catch unwary players by surprise. Time your jump incorrectly and one of these suckers will pop out of the pipes and deliver a nasty bite. LEGO’s take on these ferocious flora gives us 540 pieces in total.

These parts are enough to assemble a poseable scale model. Upon completion, it measures 9” x 4.5” x 6.5” (H x W x D) which makes it larger than every other LEGO Piranha Plant in other sets under the Super Mario series. SKU 71426 makes a great gift for fans of Nintendo’s mascot and everything else related.

The box not only comes with the plastic bricks to build the Piranha Plant but also the pipe and two coin elements. The articulating sections include the head, mouth, leaves, and stalk. As with every LEGO kit, the instructions are highly detailed and easy to follow even for novices. Download the companion app for a more comprehensive guide.

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Images courtesy of LEGO