Normally, when people shop for their next LEGO set, they either head over to their local retailers or check online. Lately, we made a habit of regularly checking out the company’s Ideas website to see what’s potentially heading our way. Their latest kit that made it to the retail phase is sure to spark pleasant memories of childhood in some people. Check out the Tree House.

It’s a shame that not all submissions to LEGO’s Ideas program make it to production. In fact, if you check their pages right now, there are a bunch of awesome entries. The Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus was another one we featured not so long ago. Going back to the Ideas Tree House, it’s a nostalgic treat for folks who experienced it firsthand when they were kids.

Have any of you played or built a tree house? To be honest, this set a great way to share all the great memories you had with loved ones. Children these days are usually glued to their smartphones, tablets, computers, or game system and miss out on a lot of cool stuff. Hence, plan out a weekend and complete this project with them.

It’s a wonderful way to share some insights while each section is built. There are 3,036 pieces in the box and the Ideas Tree House measures 14” x 10” x 9” (H x W x D). LEGO adds a bit of sustainability into the mix here as the replica plants and leaves are manufactured from bio-based plastics.

Speaking of leaves, these can be swapped out to convey the season – green for summer, while yellow and brown for fall. The details are outstanding such as the landscape base, wind-up crane, accessories, and minifigures. The LEGO Ideas Tree House is available to order right now!

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Images courtesy of LEGO