Growing your own weed at home just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to the fully-automatic Leaf Cannabis Growing System ($1.500) you won’t need to monkey around with monitoring and controlling conditions in order to get high quality crops; this thing has everything covered, so you can just chill and watch your plants thriving.

Measuring 4′ x 2′, Leaf is a self-contained unit ( with space for 2 plants ) that constantly checks and tweaks things like soil pH, water level&temperature, light conditions, plant height, air temperature, ventilation, and even adds nutrients to your plants- exactly when they need them- through a nutrient dosing system. The interior LED growlight was custom made by NASA Agricultural Lighting Researchers and tailored specifically for cannabis growth, and there’s even a built-in HD camera, allowing you to watch your plants and get all the data on your smartphone via a companion app.

Considering an ounce of top shelf marijuana will run you around $300 or more, and this thing yields 4-5 oz. per harvest, the Leaf Growing System should pay for itself after… one use.

Leaf Cannabis Growing System 2

Leaf Cannabis Growing System 5

Leaf Cannabis Growing System 1

Leaf Cannabis Growing System 3