Leave it up to Lazzarini Design to push the boundaries of aesthetics for your next luxury vessel. Why settle for what every other naval architecture outfit can match when you can stand out from the rest. For its latest concept, the team yet again delivers an unorthodox blueprint for a ship dubbed the Icaria. It borrows a bit from the Shape, but introduces some unique changes.

If you regularly indulge in sci-fi content, the theme of this superyacht is distinctly extraterrestrial. In fact, the glass-enclosed bridge creates the familiar outline of a Xenomorph’s head from the “Alien” film franchise. Meanwhile, it reminds us of the studio’s previous stylish outing – the Avanguardia – which looks like a majestic swan.

For the Icaria, there’s a tiny hint of terror for those who know, with nothing but opulence for the rest who don’t. The most striking feature of this 279-foot luxury craft is the huge open-air section of the structure. The upper and main deck create a cavernous space that owners can customize to fit their needs.

However, Lazzarini Design intends to add a huge bar as the main attraction of the area. Given the beam measures a little over 49 feet, there’s more than enough room for everything else. Despite its lavish appeal, this vessel seems to be geared for exploration instead of purely for relaxation.

According to the only available information about the Icaria, there is no mention of a pool. Instead, you can access the swim platform at the aft. Moreover, there are two cranes for hoisting smaller watercraft into the tender garages on each side. We hope somebody would commission Lazzarini Design to actually build the Icaria.

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design