Audiophiles, especially the avid vinyl listeners, are in for a treat with this offering from La Boite Concept. Their LX Turntable combines the convenience and functionality of a record player, speaker, and record storage in one. 

This is one piece of furniture that would make a great addition to any living space. It uses a Wide Sound 3.0 system integrated into the top panel and outfitted with an anti-vibration board with tailor-made shock absorbers for optimal sound stability. TWZ tweeters (directivity bullets) combined with convex deflectors ensure an immersive listening experience. Thus the “live orchestra in a compact desk” association because the sound comes from wherever you are listening in the room.

The La Boite Concept LX Turntable has two TWZ speakers on the back and two fiberglass mid-range aluminum cones on the front. It also has a very long excursion cellulose membrane bass woofer underneath. The combined audio systems give a powerful 315W with sound decibels at 104 enough to cover a maximum area of 200 m2.   

Moreover, this turntable is not just about function but also form. It boasts an elegant and minimalist design devoid of any visible cables or chassis. The aesthetics give the impression of a floating vinyl on the speaker panel. Underneath is a dedicated space to store your favorite records. 

Best of all, the La Boite Concept LX Turntable is tuned to modern applications. It is Bluetooth-ready and is voice control and multi-room systems compatible. It has a 220V USB charging port but is also compatible with induction chargers.

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Images courtesy of La Boite Concept