Award-winning German bike manufacturer Klever Mobility has just released their striking X-Series electric 2-wheelers onto the world. The Klever X E-Bikes ($3,700+) have a very distinctive frame that easily houses the removable battery pack with room to spare for fastening in other storage options. The diagonal frame angles from the head tube to the rear axle to make a unisex design that is neither too “step-through” or cross-railed. Best of all, the wiring and cables are all internally mounted so the bike’s lines remain clean and uncluttered.

There are four models of the X-Series. The X-Speed is easily the most powerful with its 11-speed 600-watt motor that can hit speeds up to 28 mph and range between 20 and 45 miles per charge. Some localities claim the X-Speed must be registered as a moped. The X-Limited Edition and lower level models feature 250-watt motors that can reach 15 mph but are enhanced with bigger batteries that can range between 40 to 60 miles per charge. With hydraulic disc brakes, motor lock, digital coding, and electric alarm, the Klever X-Series are well positioned to be strong urban transportation contenders.