When the Tesla Cybertruck first made its debut, it did not take long for digital artists to give it their signature spin. Now that Jeep recently unveiled its electric overlanding concept, someone was inspired to design Next Wrangler. To denote a futuristic aesthetic, the SUV flaunts a geometric exterior with stylish LED lighting.

This creative submission is the work of Arjun Kurunji, who envisions a what a Wrangler YJ might look light if Jeep revisits the silhouette. However, the likelihood of that is currently close to zero. The electric SUV we see here touts a mix of elements from several models.

Others were quick to point out similarities with the Toyota FJ Cruiser, GMC Hummer, and Land Rover Defender. We have extremely flared-out fenders with sharp edges that aggressively angle up to the hood. This approach allows the Next Wrangler to accommodate beefy four-spoke rims.

These are then wrapped in chunky all-terrain tires. We can only guess that the overlanding capabilities of this zero-emission ride are top-notch. The front shows an array of LEDs that form the headlights. Between are smaller LEDs that light up to form a seven-slot grille which is iconic to Jeep’s vehicle lineup.

The Next Wrangler also features a stylish topographic livery on top of the hood. We like the two-tone body wherein the upper section sports a gloss finish, while the lower is a speckled matte black. This two-door five-seater boasts panoramic views from inside.

Its wraparound windshield and windows have beveled edges on the outside. Even the roof rack appears to be sitting on top of a glass panel. Electrochromic technology is probably in use here to adjust the transparency of the crystal. Unfortunately, the Next Wrangler is not likely to leave the concept stages.

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Next Wrangler Front Next Wrangler Windows Next Wrangler Lights Next Wrangler Top View

Images courtesy of Arjun Kurunji