Jays have done it again and brought out some remarkable earphones that are perfect for a host of activities and daily usage.

This new addition to their range is a comfortable set and will not fall out easily, even when used for jogging and other high-octane activities. They are also fitted with a choice of 3 different sizes of silicon tips, as well as 3 foam tips to drown out background noises. So even if you want to listen to music or drown out children’s scream on the train, the t-Four earphones will have you covered. These earphones are controlled using 4.1 Bluetooth technology, so you can be assured that the beats will remain beating and calls will never be dropped. All topped off with 10-hour battery life, Jays’ trademark tangle-free wires and backed up with a year’s warranty.

The t-Four earphones are not just high performing but also sleek and stylish, coming in a choice of modern grey and black colors. Whether you’re listening to podcasts on your work commute or some motivational music at the gym, these earphones are the perfect option for the modern man on the move.

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