Distilleries like Jack Daniel’s already enjoys a stellar reputation among American whiskey enthusiasts. Since its founding in 1866, the label has delivered high-quality hooch which has continued for over a century. That’s not about to change anytime soon, but discerning whiskey aficionados should add the new Bonded Rye to their cabinets before stocks run dry before the holidays.

Here we have the latest entry to the distillery’s Bonded Series which is the third expression to be appointed the premium distinction. Most of you already know what the name is all about but for the rest who are in the dark, these spirits are produced per the Bottled-in-Bond Act – passed in 1897.

You can look it up online to learn the exact details about this legislation. To put it in simple terms, it’s a government-backed guarantee that the liquor you purchased is of the best quality and is bottled at 100 proof. As such, collectors often seek special releases like the Bonded Rye due to the stipulation in question.

The first two launched by Jack Daniel’s in 2022 were the Bonded Tennessee whiskey and Triple Mash blended straight whiskey. Both are spectacular in their own right and should become highly sought-after by drinkers who sample the Bonded Rye. We can only say that all three would make an awesome display until a new one comes along.

The Bonded Rye is distinguished from its Bonded Series contemporaries by its green label. If you’ve sampled rye whiskey before, then the tasting notes should be familiar yet unique due to Jack Daniel’s own recipe. As noted by their product description, it’s a nuanced balance of rye spice, vanilla, and toffee notes. Put this on your list right now!

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Images courtesy of Jack Daniel’s