Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool 3

We strongly believe that a real man should know how to mix a cocktail or two. It’s enough if you can master a few classics like the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned or Margarita. You can enjoy it yourself, with friends or impress a lady (tip: it always works)! And here is a device that will make you look like a total pro: the Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool ($30.00).

Crafted out of bronze plated stainless steel, this ultra-functional bar tool provides you with an icebreaker, jigger, corkscrew, and bottle opener, all in one sturdy and stylish unit. Boasting a vintage look, this piece should complement quite nicely a bar that incorporates leather and wood, just like the Sidecar Bar Cart by Moore & Giles.

Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool 1

Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool 2

Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool