Get real-time analysis of your pool or spa water with the iopool EcO Monitor. This device immerses in water and uses sensors to analyze the pH level of the water, its temperature, and sanitation level every 15 minutes. This way, keeping it safe and clean for everyday use. 

The device also alerts you in case of anomalies. Based on the analysis, it then advises you on the precise and effective treatments to be carried out to keep the water sanitary. This way, you get a properly-treated pool or spa water that limits health risks.

The iopool EcO Monitor is compatible with chlorine, active oxygen, and Bromine but not with salt water. It is composed of three sensors that continuously monitor pH, ORP, and temperature and these sensors do not require calibration. These sensors communicate via Bluetooth to the iopool app that you need to download on your phone. A required max distance of about 10 meters is recommended between your phone and the device to establish a connection. 

If you want to get analysis from anywhere in the world, then a Bluetooth/WiFi extender is needed which would act as a bridge between the probe and the phone. This monitor is easy to use: simply immerse it in the water, making sure that it doesn’t stay out of it for more than a few minutes to prevent damage to the sensors and interfere with the analysis. 

 Moreover, the application for the iopool EcO Monitor tracks your chemical stacks in real time, once treatment has been applied, and delivers them to your doorstep when you need them. From its dashboard, the app also informs you at a glance if the water is safe to swim or not. 

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Images courtesy of iopool