Summer is almost here and it’s time for the wealthy to break out their fancy leisure vessels. For the rest who are still in the market for their next motoryacht, why not get one that can transform. We’re not talking about extreme modularity here, but something on the practical side. The Intermarine 24M offers just that.

The Brazilian yacht builder already has a wonderful lineup of models to meet the discerning tastes of their clients. Aside from its unique mechanical features, what adds to this 81-foot ship’s appeal is the design by Luiz de Basto of DeBasto Designs fame.

According to the company, “The all-new Intermarine 24M was designed from the ground up with great ambition. Our newest yacht boasts breathtaking design and will impress for its volume, grandeur, luxury and innovation.”

Also, the design studio will work closely with clients to come up with a plan that matches their vision and tastes. Two MAN 1,800-horsepower engines will allow it to hit cruising speeds of 24 knots and a maximum speed of up to 30 knots. The beam measures 19.69 feet to give the 24M spacious areas to customize.

Intermarine offers various configurations to choose from. The flybridge can have more seats or a jacuzzi with sun pads. What follows is the main deck, where fold-out sections provide more space for leisure activities and socializing. An open indoor floor plan includes a living area, day head, dining area, galley, and the helm.

The lower deck can hold up to 4 and a half cabins with ensuite bathrooms. The Intermarine 24M can accommodate up to 26 passengers. These are just the basic blueprints, but you can always go bespoke if cost is not an issue.

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24M Deck 24M Flybridge 24M Top

Images courtesy of Intermarine/DeBasto Designs