London-based design studio Industrial Facility developed the Tulipan Pod for Danish furniture brand +Halle. It’s an enclosed workspace meant to provide privacy without the feeling of being isolated. 

As +Halle describes it, this is a “piece of furniture that offers a moment of separateness without the feeling of closing the door on its surroundings.” It’s an office cubicle per se, but instead of the usual hard walls that separate each cubicle, its a soft enclosure inside and out.

The Tulipan Pod was developed by Industrial Facility in response to +Halle’s 4th Annual Briefing based on the theme of “defining.” It suggests a softer form for a private space ideal for an open plan layout. It stands on its own but is neither a room nor a phone booth.

Instead, it’s a “a micro-quiet space where a comfortable seat and a small table work together to form an imminent architectural element.” Details are scarce but photo and video renders show a plush furniture in a cylindrical shape. Half of its framework swivels to serve as the door and reveal an attached seat with a soft back support to cocoon you inside.

Meanwhile, the other half stays immobile and features a small attached table to hold a laptop or other office gear. The top part of the Tulipan Pod is open to allow air to circulate inside or keep you connected with your surroundings. You can also swivel out a bit on your seat if you don’t want to be fully enclosed inside. But if you’re the claustrophobic type, then this is definitely not for you.

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Images courtesy of +Halle