Hong Kong is a fantastic city, believe me, I haven´t been. Okay, I may not have visited Hong Kong but it is often rated as one of the most livable cities in the world. However, it is also a very small city that has one of the largest populations, which means to accommodate people skyscrapers have had to be built. The city has more skyscrapers than anywhere else and living spaces are cramped.
If you have been thinking you could do with an extra bedroom, many of the residents of Hong Kong live in small homes that really are shoebox. These Cubicle Apartments are home to 100,000 people and are fascinating because they contain entire families, their lives, and belongings. This startling photograph selection from the Society for Community Organization highlights the drastic conditions in which these people live.
Revealing as they are framed from above, the images show cramped spaces and a myriad of household goods. Thought provoking and elegantly shot, this collection should be seen.