Honda has put a lot of effort into their hybrid automobiles, somewhat to the detriment of dedicating designs for an all-electric vehicle. That seems to have changed with their new Honda Urban EV Concept car shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Paying homage to such classic early Honda’s as the N600 from the 1970’s, this new all-electric concept still blends ultra-modern features into the construction. There is a large display panel stretching across the entire dash and a minimalist steering wheel. The vehicle will have voice activation features, so talking with the Urban EV is a necessity. It also has upper door panel displays that show the side camera data.

Even the outside shows high-tech urban influence with the grill between the headlights being another screen that allows you to display messages to other drivers. The four-passenger vehicle seats 2 x 2 across bench seats and has Rolls-Royce inspired rear-hinged doors. Expect production and sales to start in Europe as early as next year.

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