Honda’s preview of its upcoming E:N EV lineup last year is great news for proponents of sustainability. Among the five we’ve seen, two went with contemporary aesthetics, while the remaining three tout Cybertruck-esque geometric bodies. Still, we wish carmakers would come up with sleek and stylish silhouettes like this HR-X DELSOL concept.

One of the most common themes used by designers to denote the all-electric characteristics of their works is to pepper almost every surface with LEDs. Everybody gets it! If it glows, then it must be from the future and runs on clean energy! We prefer to showcase creative works that avoid this frustrating stereotype.

Thank goodness the HR-X DELSOL keeps it tasteful. So far, Alexis Poncelet nails it with his take on a compact Honda electric pickup truck. He endows the front with a short hood that tapers gently into what looks like a rectangular intake – reminiscent of the Honda e.

Within the rounded edges is not your typical grille. Instead, we can see an “H” emblem beside a custom cutout with Honda branding and four LED headlights on every corner. Aerodynamic fins with cameras replace the standard side mirrors.

The rear features a covered bed with brake lights integrated into the cargo rails. In other images, we can see the HR-X DELSOL haul three coolers that resemble RTX graphics cards. Although not specified. It looks like each wheel has a dedicated electric motor.

“Honda brought a meaningful and toyish approach recently. That is what could be a tiny pick-up coupé inspired from the E-Theme, the FRV 3 seater front row, and the CRX Delsol silhouette & deck. Would be a new segment that makes the brand stand even more apart,” wrote Poncelet about the HR-X DELSOL concept.

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Images courtesy of Alexis Poncelet