When it comes to the kitchen, a reliable set of knives is always a necessity. Whether you’re a pro at cooking or not, nothing makes slicing and cutting easier than a sharp blade. It’s a steal when you get an attractive piece just like what the Hast 7P Minimalist Knife Set offers.

You must not settle for dull kitchen knives if you don’t want to nick yourself. This set of designer knives gives you the convenience of having to choose the necessary blade for a specific task. It has a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. Then there’s the boning knife if you’re skilled at deboning chicken, fish, or other meat produce. 

The Hast 7P Minimalist Knife Set even comes with a ceramic or aluminum honing rod to keep the edges sharp. All these come together in a clear tempered glass knife block for an elegant aesthetic appeal.

Speaking of visuals, the knives are ultra-thin to render a sleek silhouette. They have flexible Japanese-style blades with a 13°edge angle on both sides and a thickness of just 0.01″. The handle itself is thin at 0.6″. They may be minimalist in design but maximum in quality and durability.

The Hast 7P Minimalist Knife Set is made from patented Matrix Powder Stainless steel making them outstandingly sharp with good edge retention, strong, and stable. They come in either black or gold titanium coating. They are also comfortable in the hands with a great weight-to-balance ratio to ensure safe cutting and slicing. Plus, they are surprisingly easy to maintain.  

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Images courtesy of Hast