It’s officially Spooktober and stores are now brimming with huge discounts on candies, costumes, and other stuff you need for Halloween. Given the overall vibe this month brings, we’re here to share some must-have spirits for your bar. Harridan Vodka resurges this 2023 to bring us a new batch of its terrifying Paranormal Reserve series.

Unless you are the superstitious type, their production process here is purely a cool marketing gimmick. Still, the tales behind the locations featured in this collection are certainly fascinating and are a major factor as to why drinkers will snap these up in no time. The latest Paranormal Reserve press materials indicate the theme this year is haunted hotels.

Among those listed by Harridan Vodka include the Anderson Hotel and the Crescent Hotel. The former is in Lawrenceburg, KY and was a brothel back in the day, while the latter was an inn turned into an unregulated cancer hospital and can be found in Eureka Springs, AR. Each establishment hosted 175 bottles of organic vodka for a month.

The length of their stay is probably long enough for the resident wraiths to impart their essence into every bottle of the 2023 Paranormal Reserve batch. Have you ever noticed that in most paranormal movies or TV shows, there are plots wherein the location has a tragic backstory which leads to unexplained events?

Meanwhile, reality shows dealing with the supernatural typically capture strange temperature fluctuations, electronic voice phenomena, objects moving, and strange orbs. Harridan Vodka leverages all the aforementioned factors to imbue the 2023 Paranormal Reserve with enough malevolence. The 750 ml bottles hold the double-distilled spirits at 44% ABV, which are hand-numbered and shipped in a carved wooden case.

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Images courtesy of Harridan Vodka