Gingko Design is no stranger to producing minimalist yet reliable lamps with unique designs. They have lights shaped like books, accordions, and more. But their Octagon Desk Lamp is probably the most versatile one because of its base.

As its name entails, it features an octagon-shaped base that gives it its versatility when you’re aiming for a particular light direction. You can have the lamp sit upright, tilt on its side, or lay flat on its back. This way you can easily focus on where you want the beam to hit. 

The wood base even hides modern features like a touch-sensitive control button for power control and brightness level adjustment. It offers four levels of mood lighting. The base also holds a built-in rechargeable 3.7v battery, which makes the Octagon Desk Lamp totally wireless. You can easily carry it around like a flashlight especially at its compact size and weight of just 745g.

Also in the base is a mounted milled aluminum casing in a wood finish that holds 36 high-quality LED light beads with a light diffusing cover. This portable torch produces 5500K Lumens of light with a battery life that’s good for a max of 48 hours. Charging time only takes roughly four hours and has blinking indicator lights to show its charging state. Lights stop flashing when it’s fully charged. 

The Octagon Desk Lamp more than just adds an aesthetic touch to any workspace, bedside table, or make a great statement piece to any surface. It is also a very efficient and functional light source.

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Images courtesy of Gingko Designs