The Gerber Prybrid X Multitool is handy to have around for small, quick, and impromptu fixes, be it at home, on the job, or outdoors. It gives you eight tools to work with stored in a convenient and safe design that does not call for a sheath.

This everyday carry features most of the common tools you need for fixing, opening, loosening screws, slicing, and more. It has a pry bar, nail puller, wire stripper, a bottle opener, a 550 cord wrap, and a small and medium flathead screwdriver. Then it has a standard #11 blade which you can easily change or replace when needed.

The Gerber Prybrid X Multitool, like the Prybrid Utility, also comes with a dual-end design. One end holds the tools mentioned above while the other is the blade. The middle portion holds the slider for the blade which you can lock in place both when in use and not in use. This way, you can avoid nicks or cuts either way.

Likewise, the slide-lock mechanism lets you get away without bringing a sheath. This makes it convenient to just whip out the tool whenever and lets you easily pocket it in your pants. Adding to its convenience is its compact design. It measures 4 inches long and barely an inch wide at 0.875 inches. Plus, it is light in the hands at just 1.7 ounces.

The Gerber Prybrid X Multitool definitely “blends the best of a replaceable hobby knife and compact multitool” with its compact yet rugged built. It even comes in an assortment of colors including Urban Blue, Tactical Grey, and OD Green.

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Images courtesy of Gerber