In an ever faster world, needing to be in two places at once is becoming normal. At least with the new (and highly praised by the media) Gate Smart Lock you don’t have to be home to open your front door. Gate is a multi-function locking system for your home.

Yes, it does have a standard key cylinder and also a keypad entry but Gate shines when you hook it up to your Internet connection. From there the motion activated camera will send a notice directly to your smart-phone when it detects motion at your door. Not only can you see who is there but the 2 way audio allows you to talk with them as well over your WiFi and 4G cellular network.

Gate also allows you to unlock and re-lock the door remotely. You can program PIN numbers for entry by guests, family, or service personnel. The Gate is easy to install on your front door so you can always be ready to greet any visitor as though you were actually there. Details in the video.