Based in Lonavala, India, the Gabion House has a uniformed, oversized, 8-foot wide roof that stretches the entire length of the house, seemingly extending to the surrounding area and protecting from the elements even outdoors on the large, brick-laden terrace.

Every room is inundated with light from the upper level of the roof, giving you a comfortable feeling of airy openness, just like it should in such a majestic environment.

And speaking of majestic, the reflective ‘infinity’ swimming pool is the pinnacle of the Gabion House. It visually blends with the landscape, giving you a view of the surrounding lush valleys which will never tire you. At the back of the house, there’s a walled-off, dense, and colorful garden.

The Gabion House gives us so many ideas on how to construct an abode so seamlessly nestled in an environment that infuses you with leisure and relaxation.

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